Unforgivable souls

I almost apologized again, but apologies were really like wishes. There were an abundance of both in my life and neither really made a difference – Lynn, J.

Words weren’t supposed to be painful but unfortunately they do.Tragic, isn’t it?

This is one of my favorite quotes written by Jennifer L. Armentrout. I’m not a good writer and my thoughts are messy but I hope some of you are reading it. These are just realization in my life and maybe yours. This lines hits me like a truck over and over again.

Wishes are desires inside your heart but instead of doing it, you just let it out as mere words in your mouth.

Just like apologies. Believe me, dearie. It’s not that easy.

We’re humans closely becoming monsters.

We made mistakes, we commit sins and hurt the people we love the most. Oh darling I have been there and I have done that. If God counts all the things I did, I’m sure I’ll be damned.

Hell is an awful place but so is here inside my mind. Thoughts are filling the empty space in my mind.

Why do we love the people we hate but hurt the people we love?

Though these words won’t make sense right now but someday it will.

This post is for the people who suffers, for the people who looks at their reflection and hates what they see and for the people who can’t forgive themselves for the things they did and they think they do.

Forgiveness of one self doesn’t exist in their vocabulary because self-hatred is all they knew, that’s all I know.

How can they let people love them if they can’t love themselves?

I’m sorry. I’m only human.


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