Dear me

Once upon a time I met a ten year old girl
In the garden where flowers and trees never die.
She was smiling innocently under the bright warm sky.
The little girl with a real joyful smile on her face approaches me.
“What’s it like to be grown up?” she asked as she looks directly into my eyes.

I laughed at her question.
I had forgotten how curious children might be when it comes to these things.
Growing up for me was never been easy and it will never be.
Before I was living in a beautiful world where people are kind and life was fair.
That was then this is now,
in this world that is full of hatred and insecurities your sanity will be shaken.

“Why are you laughing?” She lightly pulled my dress and asked.

I came closer.
“Believe me darling you won’t like it” I whispered.

I rolled up my sleeves revealing scars on my wrist,
some were old and some were new.
Some has stories and some was for relieved,
But it doesn’t matter, it won’t matter.
I won’t matter and that’s the cruel truth.

The little girl pulled my hands closely.
“Why would you hurt yourself?” She asked as she touches my scars gently.
I can see pity on her face as she looks at it very carefully.

“You’ll find out ten years from now” I smiled at her.

I turn my back leaving the puzzled girl behind,
My words were brutal.
I was cruel to my ten year old self,
but what’s the difference I have been cruel to myself all these years.


One thought on “Dear me

  1. Beautiful! :’) This post reminded me of something I once wrote in my diary. I was 9 years old. It says, ” I wish the older me understands you, and is kinder towards you as I have never been.” Needless to say Older me didn’t quite understand. Take care! 🙂


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