A letter to Alaska Young

Dear mysterious and mischievous Alaska,

Did you finally found the way out of the Labyrinth of suffering?

You were the one taught me that the LABYRINTH was not life or death. It was purely SUFFERING itself.

Pain, to be specific. How funny it is that the little eight year old girl who likes bears was the one who suffers silently.

Before everything happens I imagine, a normal girl with big beautiful emerald eyes and bright smile on her face.

You were so beautiful like that little flower your parents used to put in your hair.

But AFTER everything happens, that girl got lost and never came back.

Where did all those bright smiles go Alaska?

Pain does change everyone. Anyone including YOU and ME.

Believe me I’m just like you but not quite much. You see my parents are still alive,

I have friends and I have no traumatic accident that happens to me.

But tell me why do I feel so lonely?

I’m lost. Really, really lost like a traveler with no map to follow.

People keep on telling me that I should be happy because I still have people who love me and takes care of me.

Yes, I should be HAPPY but in the depths of my being I feel so empty. Strangely empty.


I know you hate answering question that begins with how, when, where, what and especially why.

FORGIVE me but I’m so desperate right now.

Because of these feelings I hurt other people without noticing. I was selfish, so selfish.

Right now I’m scared but as human as I can be I’m twisted and broken that I struggle to survive this life.

I’m very good at surviving just like you.

Broken people like us are surely dangerous because we know how to survive.

But just like you I never learned how to live.

Living ain’t that easy. But it’s worth a try.

Maybe it’s worth trying.

People may think of you as a sad and ruined person. But not ME, I’m not one of those people.

You’re amazing,

You’re beautiful,

You’re wonderful,

You were my inspiration Alaska Young.

I really did hope you find your way out of the Labyrinth because I’ll do my very best to get of my own labyrinth.

You died so young but at least you died smart.

Hope I can inspire others too.

Sincerely yours,

One of the people you inspired.


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