Sugar Coated words

Judge me all you want, stab me with your words as sharp as knife and kill me with your little fake conversation knowing as I turn my back, you are ready to point that gun at me.

You keep on pointing out that ‘m stupid, useless and worthless. Don’t worry I already knew that it keeps on echoing in my mind. I acted like it doesn’t bother me but deep inside it hurts. You are making me feel so horrible and thinking I’m just a waste of space, making me feel guilty on how pathetic and useless I am.

Please stop that because I knew it already. I might be acting like your words are not affecting me or I just smile but deep inside a little of me died not because of your mockery but how I think of myself after the things you keep on saying behind my back. Even though you’re sugar coating it in front of my face. I’m tired but I’ll just keep quiet and smile because hurting myself is better than hurting others.



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