“Remember that big old Hackberry tree?” I asked the man beside me. He was looking at me bright blue eyes like the clear and sunny sky.

He was shining like the sun above. And I’m nothing compared to him.

He was the sun and I’m this gloomy cloud.

He is Gorgeous and I’m ugly

He is perfect and I’m perfectly worthless.

He was kind and I was pathetic.

He has a wonderful soul and I am empty.

He was whole and I am broken.

And I felt my heart breaking. Puffing my last cigarette I inhaled slowly. I want to fill my empty body with smoke at least there’s something inside.

“Yes, I do. Under that Hackberry tree I said I love you for the very first time and every day I will always remind you that” his face was close to mine as his lips was sealed with mine. He taste like mint and he felt so right.

The word I love you is just an empty word but if it is him……

It meant everything…..



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