a letter to my childhood

Hey it’s been a while. I heard that a lot happened to you lately. Especially the place you live in recently. I have been thinking of you for a while. I write this letter to know how you are doing right now I keep on reminiscing the time we spent together when we were young.



Do you remember the meadow we used to play?


Where the sun shine so brightly in that open field that I remember when we come home our parents always lecture us because we were playing in the ground making our favor mud pie. The soft grassy field we lay down looking at the clouds with odds shapes and sizes during fine days. Sometimes the cool wind make us drowsy and we just lay there and our favorite spot.

You remember our spot, right?!  Under that one odd tree in the meadow. Every noon we went there to rest as the ground reveals the shadow from the tree dances with the light from the sun. The odd tree stands still to protect us from the sun.  Oh that was fun back then, do you remember why we keep calling that tree odd? I still clearly remember it like it was just yesterday. Do you still remember it?


I heard that the place you are in right now also has a wide meadow. Is it as good as our meadow back then? I hope there are trees that are protecting you from the bright sun. Some people said the place you are right now is magnificent. I heard that every night stars shows up in the night sky like glittering dust. And in the meadow small enchanting stars floats in the field, illuminating the scenery in the night. Then in the day birds flew up in the sky and rest in the nearest tree by the meadow. As they sing up at the branch the song of the day. When green grass of the earth touches your skin it feels like laying in a soft warm bed. They say the wind there is gentle and the sun doesn’t hurt your skin.   If it’s true then that place is surely fantastic.


Hey, remember the small town you used to live?


Things has change drastically now.

I remember our little town, you live in the east side of town and I live next to you. You usually knock the door like a mad man that came home from work. But instead of a frown you always greeted me with a smile.

I remember you hanging out in our little kitchen you and I and mom work on some sweet delight snack that we used to eat. After our light snack you start dragging me out of the house as often hang out in Mr. Sandy’s book store. Oh I remember you really love books, when we usually went there the ringing bell greeted us as we went in but you always stop at the very moment you open the door and you just stand there, smiling and smelling the old scent of fine books in the store. I wonder does the place you recently live have a bookstore, I hope so there is one I knew how much you love books.

I almost forgot did you remember Mrs. Helen the shop owner right across Mr. Sandy’s book store. She died a few years ago. Too bad, she was so sweet and kind to us. Do you remember when we go to her store she gives us free ice cream. My smile reaches my ears when her delicate warm hand holds two cold ice cream. Then we usually sit the benches near the store and watch the busy street with busy people do there busy job. Back then we don’t understand what the Adult world is, it was foreign for peculiar kids like us.

We watch them, anxiously making their way to their unknown destination. Were they are walking their own world not minding the other worlds that surrounding them? As kids we used to observe these different worlds around us. We try to understand these different worlds and sometimes we compare them. Then by the bridge with the old street lamps we look down under the bridge, fishes swimming freely under the water. They’re in the middle of their journey like other humans but the difference between them and the humans it that they seem happier.

I remember you tugging my shirt and said ‘Does human envy those fishes?’ I simply just shrug and watch the fishes swimming. Back then I completely understand what you mean. But I said nothing. At that moment our world and the world of the fishes, and the world of the adult collided. In our little world nearby our little town a road opens to a new unknown world our feet will lead to. But of course we were young, wild and crazy to understand these world so we both shrugged our shoulder and go home.

No one knew what will happen, and I seriously say no one. Neither you nor neither me. It was our little world along with other unknown worlds around us. And it was our little town that we keep in our memories so dearly.

And then that happened. That little world we have is not that little anymore and the little town you and I used to visit is not the same. Just like the people we used to know, they are not the same. I know this letter is too long for you to read so I’ll stop writing for now but soon I’ll be writing for you. And hoping you will be reading this letter I wrote in this white sheet of paper and this crappy ink.

I wish you a nice summer and see you soon.

Your best buddy,





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